The Introduction

Welcome to Tastemaker! We are so glad you’re here. As London’s newest food startup, our goal is to change the way that independent artisans and makers are connecting with their customers. Tastemakr is the place where local consumers can purchase craft food and drink sold in small batches direct from the makers. Over the next four weeks, we’ll be launching our summer pop-up shop, where you’ll be able to purchase a new collection of products every day! Be sure to check with us to see what exciting things we’re serving up on our online shop! We look forward to providing your kitchens, pantries and stomachs with a wealth of locally made, tasty products.

The Story

After founder Anthony O. Thomas discovered that independent food artisans and makers were finding it difficult to sell direct to consumers, his idea behind Tastemaker was essentially brought into existence. He found that consumers were often searching for ways to remove the middleman and gain direct access to quality food and drink. At the same time, it’s ideal for makers to be able to sell their products to consumers and move away from the idea of big chain retail supermarkets. When successful, this type of trade ultimately creates more room for independent food businesses, artisans and producers on local, national and even international scale.

As a source for purchasing food and drink items direct from artisans, Tastemakr is the solution. And we’re working to ultimately bridge the large gap between maker and consumer. Our overall aim is to create exposure for both growing and established artisans, while offering a unique opportunity for these products to be sold through the Tastemakr Marketplace. We consider our platform a place for true food discovery — it’s a portal for customers looking to find new brands and meet their grocery shopping lists. Through a curated selection of products, where each item is specifically and carefully chosen, Tastemakr offers direct access to quality food and drink.

We’re all about the idea of connecting people with food — from those who make it, to those who consume it — and we hope to reinvigorate and add value to what we’re eating.

Join us over the next four weeks, as we go live with our introductory summer campaign “Tastemakr 24x24.” We’ll be featuring the products of one new independent artisan or maker every 24 hours for the next 24 days. Thank you for joining us in this journey! Bon appetite.