One of the best things about London is the wealth of unique and eclectic food spots, and we at Tastemaker love to hit the town. This week, we've visited one of our favourites in East London called HATCH.

HATCH is a multi-purpose space that was converted from a large warehouse vicinity into an eclectic cafe. Situated right next to the Homerton overground, the cafe has desks, a barber shop, regular pop ups and a bar. We caught up with HATCH to discuss the backstory of one of East London’s trendy hangout spots.

Tell us the backstory of HATCH. How did it all get started? 

The idea for Hatch began back in 2012 when I was looking for a space to do exactly what we have done! I wanted to get as many people together, doing as many different things as possible.

How did the two of you decide that East London needed a spot like HATCH? 

I don’t think it was so much East London needing a spot like Hatch but maybe more so that Hatch needed a place like East London. The number of independent businesses in East London provides such a great array of people to work with, and Hatch is all about working with people and helping ideas grow.

Why Homerton?

Homerton is a great place. We love it here and think it’s only going to get more exciting. The place has grown so much just in the last few years, and I think with new businesses and new community-focused paces, the area is and will continue to be a perfect fit for Hatch.

What kind of food is served at HATCH? 

We have a small brunch and lunch menu. Serving fresh food with a healthy edge. 

Where is the food and drink sourced? 

We try our hardest to buy everything locally and will often have a few local artisan bits and pieces.

Any favorite menu items that everyone should try? 

We do a pint and a scotch egg (veggie option too!) sausage roll with homemade apple fennel slaw for 7.50, which seems to be very popular! And the bacon, avocado, tomato sandwich is by far the best seller. We’d definitely recommend that!

What do you think is most important about using local products and small batch artisanal fare?

Without doubt, it’s about the dedication that you can taste! That dedication goes into each product. When people are working on small batch items, the time and effort required to make their product great really comes through.

Do you have any favorite food and drink makers in London?

Wow! There are just so many. When we eventually get a night off we love going to The Plough, which is a bar on Homerton Highstreet. Those guys make the very best cocktails, and their soft shell grab burger is seriously the best thing around!

East London is such a vibrant, creative area. What do you like most about having a business here?

I’d have to say the people! Both the people that we work with, as well as our customers. We are so lucky to have such a lovely bunch of people around us all the time. It’s inspiring. I think that’s what East London’s all about, isn’t it?


You recently hosted the music organization Sofar London at HATCH. That must have been so much fun! Tell us about this and other community events that you have had, or plan to have in the future.

Sofar Sounds was great, and we hope to have them back soon. We have held art auctions, which sold local artists work, contemporary literary events held by two young lads that go under the name Belleview Park Pages, plenty of 30th birthday parties, New Orleans supper clubs and a lot of very unique events! 

At the end of the day, what is the overall mission of HATCH? 

To “Hatch” a community of small businesses…